Safe & Vault

Falcon’s home brewed safe & vaults are designed to suit most security applications at home or at offices. They are designed strong, and simple to operate.

Electronic Lock

We carry brands like KABA &Lagard, industry leading electronic safe locks. These self powered electronic locks promise absolute security.



Falcon Safe expands our array of products into furniture, which includes conference tables, office chairs, steel furniture etc.


Welcome to Falcon Safe


Falcon is known as a tough and dedicated bird species, despite of its tiny feature, it has all the great character to survive in this world. Our company was name after “Falcon”, to symbolize that our product, safety box is compatible, yet leading in the market. Just like Falcon, flying high in the wide blue sky, our safe deposit box products aim not only being introduced domestically, but also to each and every part of the world.


Falcon Safe Marketing Sdn Bhd was established in year 1982 and its one of the subsidiary of WCF Seng Teck Group Of Company, where the core business was manufacturing the wooden pallet. In the subsequent year, when this country was developed aggressively in the industrial sector, the management had ventured into the business of construction materials and industrial supplies. The Group of company has diversified into businesses in different sectors to maximize the company potential and development. Hence, subsidiaries Proflex Steel Sdn Bhd, Solid Horizon Sdn Bhd , Solid Scaffolding Sdn Bhd and Falcon Safe Marketing Sdn Bhd were established.

Malaysia’s Safe Deposit Box Manufacturer

Strong Room Doors/Vault Doors

Strong Room Doors / Vault Doors

Our strong rooms / vault doors and vault doors are designed with the highest security requirements in mind.


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Night Deposit Safe Box

Night Deposit Safe Box

Our night deposit safe box are designed to offer secure storage of cash, money and other valuables.


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Peace of mind is very important to every homeowner or business executive. Every person wants his home and office to be safe from all kinds of threats related to vandalism, burglary, fraudulent or invasion. There are a lot of different factors …

There are many reasons why safe deposit boxes are great choices not just for banks, business establishments, but for homes as well. This is because whether you have a large amount of cash, expensive jewelries, or precious memorabilia….

Keeping confidential documents at home and office is always an issue. Confidential materials and documents need to be kept into a safe or somewhere well secured. The safe, will also protect them from accidental fire and flood. This is where …

With an experience of 32 years in the field of safe deposit boxes and safety solutions for cash, precious metals and other valuable assets, Falcon Safe is known as one of the most reputable companies of its kind in Malaysia. The company has several …

Fire Resistant Safe & Cabinet

Fire Resistant Safe & Cabinet

Fire Resistant Safe & Cabinets are often used for office purposes, in protecting confidential filings. These fire resistant cabinets are...


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Home & Office Safe

Home & Office Safe Deposit Box

Safe deposit boxes should not be a luxury only to the riches. We have a variety of home and office safes, some affordable ones...


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