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Falcon’s home brewed safe & vaults are designed to suit most security applications at home or at offices. They are designed strong, and simple to operate.

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Falcon Safe expands our array of products into furniture, which includes conference tables, office chairs, steel furniture etc.


How Can a Safe Deposit Box Benefit You?

by Thomas Teo

People have been trying to put their valuables aside for safekeeping for thousands of years – no matter if we are talking about diamonds, property deeds or any other personal possessions. Over the years, safe deposit boxes have evolved a lot and they have become virtually impenetrable: featuring state of the art technologies that securely lock the box and all the valuable belongings inside them, these safe deposit boxes are a great addition to any residence, bank, post office or other institution that handles expensive objects. Safes are great for storing not just gemstones and precious metals, but also wills, birth certificates, passports, marketable securities, computer data and so forth – some of the safes are designed in such a manner that they can withstand natural disasters, such as fire or flood.

Safe deposit boxes can be either bought (usually for residential use) or rented for an extended period of time – while some institutions specialize exclusively in renting deposit boxes, other financial institutions (banks, for instance) have these boxes safely installed within a larger vault. In either case, the renter usually pays a fee in order to use the box, and the box can ether use a biometric dual-control security system or it uses a traditional code or cipher. At the time being, most hotels and cruise ships offer their customers the possibility to rent a small safe.

What Can You Store In A Safe Depot Box?

If you buy your own safe deposit box for home use, then you can virtually store all of your valuable items inside of it, from diamonds and other precious stones to jewellery, silver, coins, military medals, watches, rare books, gold and so forth. Some people choose to store items of great intrinsic value, while others store items that hold a great significance to them and that are usually very important from an emotional standpoint.

There are many reasons why you should opt for a residential deposit box – besides being theft-proof and natural disaster-proof, these boxes can actually lower your premium on your home insurance. For instance, if you have taken out an insurance on your expensive jewellery, then storing your jewellery in a safe can significantly reduce the price of the insurance. On the other hand, some people choose to store very rare photographs, collectible stamps or even film negatives in their deposit box, just to prevent them from being stolen or accidentally destroyed.

Falcon Safe – Malaysia’s Premier Provider Of High-Quality Safe Deposit Boxes

Falcon Safe has been selling high-end deposit boxes for more than three decades, and it prides itself in being one of the most sought-after provider of safes in Malaysia. Offering a wide array of safes for residential use, Falcon Safe Marketing Sdn Bhd specializes in fire resistant cabinets and safes, safes for home and office use, night deposit safe boxes as well as strong room doors and vault doors – investing in a small but extremely strong and durable box should not be considered a luxury, and this is precisely why Falcon Safe offers safes at prices for all pockets. Featuring a sleek and elegant design along with a highly sophisticated security system, these safes will certainly help their owners sleep better at night, knowing that even if burglars break into their house all their valuable documents, gemstones, collectibles and jewellery are safe and sound.

Falcon Safe is committed to developing progressive security solutions that will benefit safe owners on all levels. As mentioned above, these new and revolutionary safes are not only designed to keep thieves at bay, but they also aim to protect sensitive documents (deeds, birth certificates, photographs and such) from floods and fires. Paper can be easily damaged beyond the point of repair, and having a safe that comes with a hermetic seal and that is fully airtight is essential.

Ever since it was founded back in 1982, Falcon Safe has been involved in a variety of both national and international projects, all of which have drawn the attention of business owners, business executives and regular homeowners who want to invest in a safe and stay on the safe side. The two-meter standalone thief-proof safe or the five inches-thick bank safes are only some of the international projects that Falcon Safe takes great pride in, and for more information regarding the company’s portfolio or available products, you can visit