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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting A Safe Deposit Box

by Thomas Teo

Safe deposit boxes can benefit you on many different levels, as they are perfect for storing deeds, titles, stocks, bonds, medals, collectibles, family records, money, jewels and a plethora of other valuable belongings that you want to protect from burglars – and not only. If you do not have a home safe already and you are constantly worried about your assets, then here are the top 5 strongest reasons why you should consider getting one right away:

1. A Safe Deposit Box Will Give You Peace Of Mind, At An Affordable Price

If you want to sleep better at night knowing that your family jewels along with your hard worked money are safe and sound, then look no further than a home safe. You are the only one who knows what’s inside the deposit box and who has full access to its contents – you can opt for small, medium-sized or large home safes, depending on what you plan to store in them and you can also have them professionally installed, with minimum effort on your side!


2. All-Round Protection
Home safe boxes have evolved tremendously over the years: while the vintage ones used to protect your valuable belongings against thieves only, the modern safe deposit boxes are far better as they also offer protection against natural disasters and common domestic accidents, such as floods resulting from plumbing problems. Why let natural disasters destroy your birth certificate, your photographs and other valuable memories, when you can have them entirely secured inside a fire-proof and water-proof safety box?
Natural disasters can truly take their toll on your home and your life, and recovering after a tornado, a hurricane, flood or a massive fire can be very challenging from a financial point of view. However, if you have a home safe where you can store your money and jewels, this will certainly help you overcome difficult periods in your life faster and easier.


3. You Never Have To Worry About Misplacing Your Valuables Ever Again
Has it ever happened to you to miss a flight because you simply could not remember where you left your passport? Or to lose your birth certificate, you ID or your insurance policy and go through the hassles and expenses of having them issued once again? If so, then you are the perfect candidate for a safe deposit box: easy to install and very reliable, these boxes are the answer to all your questions related to document safety.


4. Unparalleled Theft Protection
The first thing you do during a home invasion is making sure that your family is safe and nobody gets hurt, but what about your belongings? Would you be willing to give away your lifetime savings, or would you rather have them stored safely in a beautifully concealed home safe, inside your living room wall, right behind a painting? Thieves would never suspect a thing – and even if they do find the box, they would be unable to get to the contents, as a high-quality safe cannot be easily burglarized. Securely constructed and durable, these boxes feature complex safety mechanism coupled with thick walls and doors, thus preventing burglars from stealing what’s rightfully yours.


5. No Limit As To What You Can Store Inside

Lastly, you can store absolutely anything in your safe deposit box, as long as the items fit the safe. From stock and bond certificates to family heirlooms, expensive jewellery, marriage licenses, car or house titles, insurance policy copies, copies of your living wills, credit cards, bank statements and so forth. Moreover, both you and your family have full access to the box at any time: regardless of whether you want to add extra valuables to the safe or to withdraw money, you can always access the box. You can set the desired combination code and you can store the key to the safe lock wherever you wish, provided that you don’t lose it!

What Makes Falcon Safe A Trustworthy Safe Deposit Box Manufacturer?

Established back in 1982, Falcon Safe has slowly managed to make a name for itself in the safety products industry in Malaysia, by providing high-end home and office safes and lockers at affordable prices. Not only does Falcon Safe provide durable and customized safes for residential use, but also for commercial and industrial applications as well: from small and discrete home boxes that can be easily fitted into your cupboard to large, 1.5X1.5 cubic feet safety deposit lockers, there is a wide variety of safety products at your disposal.


Falcon Safe takes pride in providing high-end safety products not only to individual customers who can safely and efficiently store their valuable assets, their cash and their precious metals, but also to banks and other financial institutions across Malaysia and the neighboring countries. Why take any risk when you can have your cash and valuables secured, at an affordable price?


Falcon Safe prides itself in having established a variety of both local and international connections with different banks and other financial institutions. By using the latest technology for manufacturing impenetrable lockers and home safes, Falcon Safe knows that there is no room for compromise when it comes to the safety of your valuable assets or belongings that have a great emotional value for you and your family.


The Falcon Safe products are tailored and customized to the needs, preferences and requirements of each customer, so that even the most demanding customer can find a deposit box or a home safe that exceeds his expectations. Moreover, if you want to take the safety of your box a mile further, you can always opt for added protection, such as an alarm security system that will be embedded into the box: the alarm will go off when it detects any unauthorized access. Sleek, elegant, stylish and appealing, these boxes will undoubtedly redefine the way you see home safes, and you can see the whole offer on the official website of Falcon Safe. Visit for a closer look at the available home safe series, book room door series, hotel safes, night deposit safes, fire resistant cabinets, multi purpose units, safe deposit lockers and a wealth of other safety and security products that you can truly rely on!